Our corporate mission in making a difference rests on unique value propositions:

  • Alignment of the right cultural fit for our talent with clients, while promoting diversity and inclusion

  • Fully vetted and differentiated quality of talent through our innovative technology staffing capabilities

  • Core recruiting teams onshore providing exceptional client services and an incredible employee experience 

  • An outstanding benefits package that includes a comprehensive health insurance plan for all employees, a 401 (k) plan, a college tuition benefits and rewards program for participating and eligible employees and an opportunity to volunteer/flexible work schedule/unlimited vacation policy for internal staff



  • The right fit

  • Unparalleled results based on our customers' business needs and challenges

  • High impact and an exceptional level of value added service that directly translates to an outstanding quality of talent

  • Fully vetted and differentiated talent pool

  • An environment that nurtures the tenets of a remarkable talent experience and partnership

  • An incredible employee experience

  • Industry leading commitment to philanthropy and social good 

LeadStack Inc. Bay Area Tech Staffing Recruiter


Dave Singh and Kazi Ahmed are the Co-Founders of LeadStack. 

LeadStack came into existence with a vision that pushes the envelope for progress in the staffing industry. With thought leadership, we continously refine our work and evolve in order to provide the best in class services. We believe in creating a culture of excellence at LeadStack that encapsulates the essence of employee success and empowerment. 


LeadStack offers the next generation of staffing solutions that address and mitigate gaps in our staffing landscape. In conjunction with core staffing solutions, our work has a significant positive social impact around causes that are critical in our workplace today.